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Food Tourism Aspects-December 2020

This Month:

In your opinion, what changes should food tourism companies make in order to attract more customers?


Provide local context, share the story/experience and visualize the food journey with relevant supporting information that has been well researched.

Dr Gerrie du Rand is an Associate Professor in the Department of Consumer and Food Sciences in the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences. She is recognized as a researcher and expert in the field of food and hospitality related consumer behaviour. Her specialty area of interest is food tourism and the use of local foods in culinary mapping.

I believe it is in focused targeted marketing locally and globally to ensure companies are targeting their ideal customers. It is important to review the demographics of your existing marketing to determine if the right customers are attracted to your offers and make adjustments accordingly on a regular basis. I also believe that joint venture partnerships with other businesses are keys.

Carol Berger is a certified ambassador of the World Food Travel Association in the Philadelphia area – one of the most underrated food cities in the USA. As a destination pairing specialist with over 18 years in the travel industry, she strives to make travel personal again, creating a customized vacation experience to craft traveler’s itinerary.

Now, in light of Covid-19, food tourism can benefit from open-air tourism, always smaller groups and loved by all.

Udi Goldschmidt has been creating food tourism adventures since 2000. He built the Bedouin style hospitality camp at the Massada National Park and established the Jerusalem Culinary Institute. He is the national coordinator for the Slow Food Chef Alliance and he promotes the concept of the Culinary Museum of Israel. He currently writes and publishes articles about the uniqueness of Israel as a food destination.

The matter today - more than ever before - is not and should not be, for members of an ethical travel association, to attract more customers per se. As we all agree, volumes are not the answer to global matters in our societies (see overtourism and climate change). The real challenge for the travel industry, including food tourism, is about the quality of the travelers, and the opportunity of educating and growing young and future citizens of the world in order to respect foreign cultures, customs and traditions. So to me the question should be "what changes should food tourism companies make in order to better our world?”.

Livio Colapinto is a certified ambassador of the World Food Travel Association in Italy. He is a forward-thinking, curious researcher and analyst of food and hospitality. He has worked with, and mentored, a wide range of companies and groups in the restaurant and hospitality industry. He has also assisted international food professionals.

A great meal, a well-planned tour itinerary and a wonderful insight into a world-class whisky produced by a skilled artisan are no longer enough to win a consumer's favor. People are looking for products and experiences that also align with their social and environmental values. Food tourism companies across the globe are some of the best placed businesses to be the guiding light in responsible and sustainable travel. By integrating sustainable tourism principles into every possible avenue of their business model, investing in the local environment by hiring local staff, only working with responsible partners, giving back to the community, or discouraging single use plastic, these can all help to turn lookers into bookers.

Brenda Anderson is the founding director of ‘Tasting Scotland Gourmet Journeys & Events’, an award-winning food tour and events company. Brenda has accumulated 20 years of experience (as a chef, a hospitality, wine and gastronomy Lecturer, and a Head of Department in one of Europe’s largest further education colleges). More recently, she has served on the Food Tourism Scotland Board and launched the Tasting Scotland Consultancy.

Food tourism companies should offer added value to their services in order to attract more clients. Authentic experiences and rates flexibility should be the main elements of a successful marketing plan.

Chrissa Krassa serves as the association’s certified ambassador for Cyprus, supporting the development of food tourism in the country. From 1998 to 2011 she was appointed to organize the Philoxenia Tourism Exhibition – held on the grounds of the International fair of Thessaloniki, Greece. In 2011 she founded Top Tourism, a non-profit company focusing on gastronomy and aiming to promote the Greek tourism effectively in a worldwide basis.

Food tourism companies should try hard to create and offer AUTHENTIC gastro tourism experiences. Authenticity is very important to gastronomy tourism. Plus, they have to find new and efficient ways to communicate and make well known the services they offer to their business partners and public.

Maria Athanasopoulou is an ambassador of the World Food Travel Association in Greece and Master Culinary Travel Professional. She is the founder of Respond On Demand Ltd, a tourism marketing company aiming to the promotion of all types of Greek tourism to travel agents abroad. She is also a co-owner of Top Tourism, a non-profit company focusing on gastronomy.

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Maria Athanasopoulou and Chrissa Krassa serve as ambassadors for Greece and Cyprus in the World Food Travel Association. They run the tourism marketing company Respond On Demand and the non profit company Top Tourism.

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