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Food Tourism Aspects, July 2021

This Month:

Have you suggested a brand-new food or beverage tourism experience to your clients this period? If yes, please share the idea with us!


My customers and I are having great success using award-winning Dutch designed CasusGrill as part of our summer food campaigns. With Covid-19 precautions still in place, I sourced this product as a way to showcase a fun, outdoor grilling experience without all the fuss, and with a view - since we are so close to the Canadian Rockies. Answer provided by: Jessie Cayabo from, a full- service public relations and marketing agency specializing in food, beverage, hospitality and lifestyle sectors. *************************************

Since there is a local market every Saturday in our town where farmers bring their goods - veggies, eggs, meat products etc.- I figured how it would be if tourists would buy the ingredients there and instead of taking them home to cook, they bring them to a local Master Chef who would make a meal out of it. While waiting they could stroll around, go sightseeing or simply watch him make their meal and learn - kind of short cooking class. Answer provided by: Matija Vučko from, a team of accomplished professionals who passionately promote Slovenia as Europe’s next undiscovered gem. *************************************

We at the Tourism Authority have prepared some new culinary packages to encourage our tour guides to expand their product offerings to their clients: 1. For the Chocolate Lovers, we offer the "bean to bar" concept, chocolate spas and other wellness activities, shopping etc. 2. Rum Adventures. Along with visiting the distilleries, consumers could participate in mix drinks activities, create their own drink mix and have it featured on the menu. Answer provided by: Sibby Dickson from Grenada Tourism Authority. *************************************

The Ceylon Food Trails concept offers a unique culinary experience where we enable our visitors to delve deep into the heart of Sri Lanka by visiting remote villages that few travelers get to explore. To go off the well-trodden tourist path and encounter hidden retreats, meet amazing locals and enjoy unique foods that are indigenous to each area. We ensure that the money stay in the local community by only utilizing resources from around the area and provide these communities with a source of income while encouraging women in these villages to take initiative and give them opportunities to work. We utilize the age-old culture and heritage of traditional Sri Lanka and use it as a tourism attraction while providing benefits to these local communities. Answer provided by: Gemunu Goonewardene from Ceylon Food Trails , which develop unique experiences and propagate the hitherto unknown values of Sri Lanka’s indigenous foods. *************************************

We have introduced virtual experiences of tasting local wines and seasonal food pairings. Answer provided by: Natacha Gomez, a government representative appointed to promote the tourism in Haiti. She’s also ambassador for the Food Travel Tourism Association in New York, USA, More information available on: *************************************

I offered a free training to the Jerusalem market guides to better educate them on the philosophy and psychology of food travel, and make them guide each other (exchange stories). Success was immediate, and many complained for not being invited. The WFTA guide certification was offered to them. Answer provided by: Udi Goldschmidt, Founder of Jerusalem Culinary Institute.

Maria Athanasopoulou and Chrissa Krassa serve as ambassadors for Greece and Cyprus in the World Food Travel Association. They run the tourism marketing company Respond On Demand and the non profit company Top Tourism.

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Food Tourism Aspects

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