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Food Tourism Aspects, October 2021

Was last summer a successful business period for you? Mention any specific features that you noticed during this tourism period.


The Food industry is peaking while we are slowly recovering from Covid era. In Israel, we started the nationwide vaccination early, and we are into the third vaccine doses. Borders are closed for tourism, but yet over 30.000 people fly daily - Israelis for vacation and ex-pats for visiting home. At the same time, domestic tourism is booming and tasting tours and market tours are at an all-time peak. Outbound food tours operated mainly in Hebrew are available in most major European cities, and are very popular

Answer provided by: Udi Goldschmidt, Jerusalem Culinary Institute

It was definitely different. It increased a bit compared to last year, but it is still way off our best booking results. We had many last minute bookings, some even only a day before the hotel stay. Others, who booked further in advance, often cancelled their bookings again. There was a lot of insecurity, but we also noticed the hunger for travel. People wanted to travel, but preferred to stay close to home, booked short trips or stayed longer at one place. On our blog, food and food related topics are still in very high demand. We noticed a big interest in international recipes, BBQ and picnic topics, which also means that people, spent much of their time either in nature and/or close to home.

Answer provided by: Monika Fuchs,

Being located in Alaska, we rely upon the cruise industry to bring us visitors and travelers. We happily welcomed the first large cruise ship back to Juneau in late July. By the end of the summer, we will have served more guests than we did our first year. I’m counting that as a win.

Answer provided by: Midgi Moore, CCTP,

Sorry to say but no. During the Olympics in Japan we had a stark reminder of what could have been but wasn't. Food businesses continue to struggle and inbound tourism is still banned in Japan. We are hoping to see some way forward before the end of this year. We are trying our best to pivot in different ways, and still work on destination consulting but it is a struggle to be sure.

Answer provided by: Lauren Shannon,

The business for us in India hasn’t started yet as there are restrictions for international visitors coming into India. We are hoping that it will be lifted soon and we could restart our business again. We have been waiting patiently from May 2020 when the restrictions were imposed here. We have used this time to introspect and come up with some new products to let the international visitors get a taste of Indian Cuisine and its spices.

Answer provided by: Wasim Shaikh,

Our venue is 400 km away from Cape Town. Over the last 3 winter months, in various stages of Lockdown (no alcohol), there has been very little foreign travel but certainly an uptick in domestic travel. Tourism seems to be driven by family groups or interest groups traveling for cycling, local cultural events, and to get into nature. Going forward this month there is a local film crew in town. Vaccination drive underway.

Answer provided by: Lisa Key,

This summer June-August was exceptionally busy for our tours. I believe this happened for several reasons: 1) international travel was still uncertain, many people travelled within the region (New England) or within the U.S; 2) our tours were conducted outdoors until the mask requirements were dropped, providing a safe and fun activity for people; 3) early in the summer activities were limited (e.g. few -if any- performances, cinemas, theaters, etc.); 4) many new residents have arrived in our region, the local food tours are an excellent way to get to know the food community and all that is going on; 5) we also began offering bicycle food tours during Covid, and this has expanded our audience to cyclist/foodies and cross pollinated (some people take both).

Answer provided by: Deborah Christakos,

Our 48 Ayrshire food network members (Scotland) on average have had a good or much improved performance during the last 12 weeks, regarding demand and transition out of Covid lockdown. However, "below" the surface some are carrying forward significant indebtedness, and facing staff shortages which are effecting opening hours etc. plus supply chain disruptions.

Answer provided by: Howard Wilkinson,

It was a successful time for my business in the sense that in addition to my being a traditional travel agency, I help local business owners connect with their patrons through unique travel themed event planning services. Events are crafted to highlight the businesses own uniqueness while creating an experience providing new perspectives on travel and culinary tourism -a culinary local meets global awakening of the senses. I was able to make multiple connections with food and beverage industry businesses, tourism offices and hospitality establishments to discuss how we can work together to build culinary tourism here in the Philadelphia area.

Answer provided by: Carol Berger,

Food businesses in Japan have been under the sea as they have been forced to both shorten their business hours and prohibit from serving alcoholic beverages, which is a large share of their profit. I don't have right numbers of stats in this field, but I believe that they achieve 10-20% of revenue compared to pro Covid-19 era. Though in such hard conditions, Japanese enjoy season's gastronomy at home and outside.

Answer provided by: Shin (Shinichi) Nakamura, ANA Research Institute Co., Lt

Maria Athanasopoulou and Chrissa Krassa serve as ambassadors for Greece and Cyprus in the World Food Travel Association. They run the tourism marketing company Respond On Demand and the non profit company Top Tourism.

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